If you'd like to have a go at making your own whips then you can't go past my Beveler/Lace cutter.  Simple to use perfect for most hides, including raw hide!  It trims your lace and tapers without fuss, then simply turn it around to the other end and bevel the lace for a neat finish to your work.  UPDATE!!!...cutter will now bevel, hide to the thickness of 3.5mm!
The tool is solid aluminium and measures 100mm wide x 175mm long x 25mm thick it comes with 2 x blades, 2 x locating pins, and an allen key, you can trim lace up to 20mm wide, if need be, and bevel any width but beveling is set for leather up to 2mm thick with one fence and 3.5mm with the second. 
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All of my lace is cut and bevelled on this tool, including rawhide, kangaroo and cow hides!!
Youtube link to beveler/cutter use:
Beveler/Lace cutter
Postage on Beveler/Lace cutter: Within Australia - $30.00 Overseas - $85.00 inc. tracking
- AU$250.00
For orders or enquiries please email me:

or phone me on: International code +61429 866 013 Within Australia 0429 866 013
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