I have only recently decided to put my bosals for sale on this site, my Natural Horsemanship "Guru", Steve Halfpenny, (Silversand Natural Horsemanship) uses my bosals and travels the globe promoting both my whips and bosals, it was Steve who suggested I add them.

The bosals have a twisted rawhide core and a kangaroo hide skin, the 1st images you see are all 5/8 bosals, 12 plait, 32 plait nosebutton, Whisky with Natural nose and heal knott, 8 bight interwoven turks head heal knot.  All bosals are the same colour - just shows how leather can change from hide to hide!!!

Also, pictured, modeled by Steve's horse, Gandalf, is a 5/8 bosal, 16 plait, with a 32 plait nosebutton, Whisky with Natural contrasting colour, 8 bight turks head heal knot, complete with fancy hanger.  


Easy hanger detail
Click small images to enlarge..
Fancy hanger detail
2 bosals, same colours, different hides
Buttons for a neater finish
Bosal Whisky, natural
bosal one colour small contrast
Due to a shoulder injury I am unable to make bosals